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Workers' Compensation

Annette Mullins, Coordinator
Human Resources Department

*MEDCOR 1-800-775-5866

Workers’ Compensation

It is the District’s goal to provide a safe work environment.  Each employee shall comply with all occupational safety and health policies and standards.  Should an accident occur, the employee must report any injury or illness, no matter how minor it may seem, immediately to the Supervisor/ Principal.  The supervisor must report the incident to the Workers’ Compensation Coordinator.  Failure to do so may jeopardize eligibility for workers’ compensation.

Employees are covered against certain loss of earnings due to injuries on the job by a workers’ compensation insurance policy furnished by the District. No compensation will be allowed for an injury, illness or death due to willful misconduct, intentional self-inflicted injury, intoxication, or willful failure or refusal to use safety devices or lack of compliance with prescribed safety procedures.  The payment of medical bills and compensation payments will be in accordance with all applicable workers’ compensation laws.

If an employee suffers an occupational injury or illness, the following steps should be taken:

  • Any necessary first-aid treatment should be administered.
  • When physically able, the employee should immediately report the injury or illness to his or her supervisor/Principal and call MEDCOR 1-800-775-5866
  • Employee’s may accept treatment from a medical facility tendered by DCS or the employee may choose a Physician of his/her own choice.  If emergency treatment is required, the employee will be transported or taken to the nearest medical emergency treatment facility.
  • If medical attention is required, the employee must be seen by a medical doctor or facility approved by the District, unless in an emergency.


DCS is concerned with the safety of all its employees, students and guests.  All employees must observe and abide by safety standards and be safety conscious at all times. 

DCS has developed a workplace safety program.  The Associate Superintendent for Finance and Operations, at the central administrative office, and the principals at each school building level have the primary responsibility for implementing, administering, monitoring, and evaluating the safety program.  However, its success depends on the alertness and personal commitment of everyone in the school district.  Ideas or suggestions for improving workplace safety are encouraged by school officials.

Employees are responsible for immediately reporting all accidents and injuries to his or her primary supervisor or management, regardless of how minor the occurrences may seem at the time.  Retaliation will not be permitted against any employee who reports a workplace hazard or injury. 

In addition, any unsafe condition or practice an employee observes should be reported to management or Human Resources.


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DCS is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination. It is the policy of DCS that all applicants and employees are entitled to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, religion or creed, gender (includes pregnancy or related medical conditions), national origin, age, disability, veteran status or other protected characteristics as required by local, state and federal law.

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